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Celebrating 10 years!

Celebrating 10 years!

It all started as a dream. My own clothes brand already exists since 2011. This achievement has been made possible thanks to the partners I have worked with over the last 10 years. Together, we have worked on many different fashion projects and have developed a sustainable fashion boutique based on a positive business philosophy. We observe economical, ecological and social criteria for the selection of the materials and the making process of each garment to create only unique slow-fashion-pieces.

I am honored to work with many enthusiastic and talented individuals from all around the world to achieve the same goal. We work together to build and operate a sustainable fashion label.

I can happily tell you: I love my job!

Natalia García – Grape García Owner

Today I want to thank all my partners, suppliers, friends and family members for your confidence in my work. Let’s go together for another 10 years of fashion and creativity!

Celebrate with us! Come to visit the Grape García Boutique in the beautiful old town of Wil, SG and find great discounts and offers as part of the 10 years anniversary. See you soon!