In our boutique at Marktgasse 34 in Wil (SG) you will find one-of-a-kind garments for women. Only very special unique clothes made of high-quality materials. We are not a mass producer. This fact gives all our products a nice touch of exclusivity.

In addition, we offer you a “tailor-made” service to develop your own unique pieces. We accompany you in every step on the way from the design, the selection of the materials all through to the final manufacturing of your desired garment. A big world of possibilities for you!

All garments are produced in Switzerland in the own atelier in Wil or in the ateliers from our partners: Couture-Lehrtateiler St. Gallen and Atelier SILK by Katja Koller and Silvia Zwicker.

Grape García is owned and run by Natalia García, MSc Product Management Fashion and Textile, who carefully observes economical, ecological and social criteria for the selection of the materials and the making process of each garment.